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* Sunday, July 31, 2005 *

i gUess i'm lUcky amOng sOme of my friends!
i jUst gOt my first 21st bday presEnt...
& of cos its frOm my parEnts...

my dad say my 21st bday is once in a lifEtlmE sO they decided tO fOllow the oLd fashiOn by gettlng mE a "KEY PENDENT" which sErves as a memOry fOr mE nExt tlmE!

sO tOday my whOle family went shOpplng with my aUnt's family...
haa~of cos i gOt the biggEst shoU hUo lor...
got a feW tOp & a bAg + my parEnt's glft...
what mOre can i ask fOr!!!

here takE a loOk @ my 21st presEnt!!!

from SK



reacHlng oUt @ 7:45 PM

* Friday, July 29, 2005 *

lets see what havE i bEen dOlng for the past few days!!!

Tues Evening
hElplng oUt in the SHS Graduation 2005

hOoo~nExt yr will bE my tUrn!

Wed Nitz = Ladles Nitz

@ ChinaBlack 4th Anniversary

me & shUli

smOky uS hee~

Thursday Evening
make the effort tO gO play badmintOn...
in the end,i ended uP with a damn blg blue black on my right leg cos i was in an eagEr tO hit the shuttercOck & trlp over & fEll....
hOpefUlly my blueblack will gO down by tml if not i'll not know what tO do for my ......

reacHlng oUt @ 11:01 PM

* Sunday, July 24, 2005 *

i mlss the olD gOod days...
bUt i knOw it'll nEver bE back agaln!!!

1st tlmE singing clAss

oUr 1st chalEt

hal dlE singErs

each & everyOne bday celebratlOn

a lot of things has happEned for these past weEks...

tlmEs pass...
envlrOnmEnt changE...
even hUman bEgins alsO changE...

although each of himsElf or hErself might nOt knoW bUt thE srrOundings pEoPle still will feEl it...
dO ppl always gOes for nEw frlEnds instEad & nOt trEasuring the Old frlEnds...
wEll i gUess sO...

and i wlsh tO tEll everyone out there,dUn forgEt uR old friends,lOng tlmE friends gOes thrOugh uP & dOwn with U...

reacHlng oUt @ 3:25 PM

* Friday, July 22, 2005 *

changE a nEw halrstylE bUt it seEms nO one nOtice except fOr a fEw haa~nvm its allright!!!

sUddenly felt tat i'm turning 21 sOon...
lEss than 2 mth mOre...
a lOt of things i've beEn wanting tO dO & wEll i tink i'm 1/2 way there!

~suddenly i felt that i want tO live my lifE tO the fUllest,dOlng things i dUn darE tO pursUre last tlmE cOs i dun want tO live this wOrld with any rEgrets!!!

~suddEnly i felt likE earnlng a lOt of $,bUy a blg house fOr my family!!

~sUddenly i bEgan tO shOw more cOncErn tO my family!!

~sUddenly,a lot of suddenly...
*tErs flowing*
i thOugh of something tat happEned dUrlng the past fEw days,i bEgan tO felt mOre strOng!

---lEts nOt tok aabout sad thing here---
pOst sOme plcs uP here tO let U guys see what we are learning nOw haa~

mE & Shuli

dO we lOok likE TONG XIN YUAN flshball wOrkers wahaa~

3 by 3 wOrkers plz hee~

thE next 3...

ok lah stOp it liao...
sO from the plc well u can jOlly know what we are learning in sch now right hee~
we are learning hOw tO wear OT GOWN + Gloves + OT Cap + OT Mask *not in the plc* + Scurbbing...

scrub scrub scrub till our hands rEd + pain bUt at least wOrth it cOs our hands feel sO smooth after tat haa~

next wEaring OT gown + the glOves on is NOT EASY!!!
dUn play play hor~cos we'll bE gOlng tO OT during Dec attachmEnt...
plnnlng fOr it while alsO plnnlng for the scoldlngs we'll get when we are there!!!

*National library oPen liao....yeah will bE gOlng there on sUn hee~nitz*

reacHlng oUt @ 11:25 PM

* Monday, July 18, 2005 *

i've already eliminate everyone,anyone out of my minD nOw...
including U cOs i've lOst hOpe in U too...
u've maDe my days happy,u've alsO made my days sad!!!
and i gUess i'll nv know till 2 weeks after or perhaps even lOnger...
nO one nOw stay in my mind & i think i shall cOntinue this way till it will bE...
perhaps tat's the reasOn nOw why i've beEn sO tOned dOwn!!!

well,one will nv always treasure the one close tO us till tat person had gOne...
one will only start tO treasure it when it happEned tO themselves or tO thelr friends in which they deePly felt...

a msg from her,a call from her how i wish i cOuld rUsh dOwn immediately but i cant...
but neverless when i saw her,she appEared v.strOng really v.stRong although i somehow can feEl the sadnEss in her...
cos it Occur tO me before & i gUess tO each of u tOo...
i feEl sad fOr her really cOs i just cant believe it happEned tO her...

its jUst tOo sUdden fOr her,fOr her family,fOr me & fOr the friends whO is clOse tO her too!!!
bUt i gUess everyone have tO accEpt the trUth tO it...
bE strOng gal,will bE praying fOr U!!!

and nOw i've learn tO treasure everyone dEar arOund me!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 10:24 PM

* Monday, July 11, 2005 *

i'm back from my MIA project haa~

i guess i must really cUt dOwn on clUbblng liaO...
for the last 3 day last week beEn clUbbing till slaOo...

wed-ladles nitz @ ChinaBlack~
on fri-rOngshl's invitation to CB~
on sat-MF clubblng @ NewsrOom...
oh gOsh i'm bEcoming a clubber but nOnOo i'll stOp tat right after sch..
and i guess my liver is getting wOrst from the drinks

--------------updating in prOcess....---------------
~FRI Nitz~
as i've mention above out tO Chinablack again...
saw a lot of my friends there like sec kEnny,Aaron then Larry *pOly*,Dorren from taka then Colin,Ann etc etc...
of cos not tO mention hee~my bartender wahaa~

got a chalet again with MuslcForest after another year has passed...
back at the same sPot same pathway same destination *with all the memOrles flowing back on me & him* but of cos different chalet rOOm...
damn shlt why sld i mention hlm again jErk bUt hEng nO one mentlOn about hlm @ the chalEt...
in our chalet~
screaming,shouting,fighting likE a WAR man haa~
*guys dUn think u all can get away with it,heihei the videO is in my hands haa~*

nitz falls...
everyone arrive & time tO club~
everyone get changed~
gals busy dOlling themselves uP...
mascara,foundation,eye shadOw,blusher etc etc...

allright 2 cab + 1 car dOwn tO NewsrOom & meet...
thOugh it'll bE a bOring nitz cOs newsrOOm had no customer till 11pm*cant belive it*

sO we entertain ourselves by playing the 'zhong ji mi ma' anyone lose shall get a parther uP tO the pOle & dO pOle dance...
everyone was lOOking @ us wahaa~bUey tahan...

after pOle dance,next is dO a catwalk walking dOwn the pathway tO the dancefloor & dO an act cUte pOsh haa~
lastly is gO uP tO the bartOp & dance presenting out sUperstar 'forget lyric gUy' Teo HongJin *but tOo bad he was scared haa*
and overall the winnEr was mE cos i wOn all rOunds but heihei only lost the last game but drinking tequila pOp in a gUmp *its allright better than being pai sei*

back tO chalet ard 1am+ cos we still got red wIne tO drink while playing games...
everyone bEcomes tired & dOwn we gO...

got uP in a small gRp & walk tO Mac...
then bEgan our cycling jOurney...
dUring late nOon,fOllow grace & shulin tO parkway tO buy the fOod for evening BBQ...
evening falls,most of others cAme tOo even Zhang Fan laO shi...

allright an enjOyable chalet with the whole bunch of U guys...
take care,mlss u gUys!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 10:32 PM

* Thursday, July 07, 2005 *

i'm back again blOgglng...
allright went ladles nitz ytd @ Chinablack...
thOugh it'll be a more ppl more fUn but in the end,again left only the 3gals,1guy...

nvm anyway clubblng neEd not be a danclng nitz...
it can also be a nitz of sitting dOwn,have some drinks & chit chat~
in which me & Shuli did tat,we had a long chat likE we usually nv had bEfore dUring the past 2 yrs in sch...
each of us drink ard 4-5 cups & lastly in the end...

our pOor Shuli went drunk & vomitted out on the way hOme...
of cos shE was sO drunk,we went bOnkers lah haa~
allright no more drinks for u next tlmE Shuli,u shall drink frUit pUnch lor haa~

reacHlng oUt @ 8:36 PM

* Sunday, July 03, 2005 *

2nd July Sat
i had a bUsy weekEnd tat makEs me a bit stress oUt now cos even i'm blogglng nOw,i've not even pack my bag for tml sch start damn...

early mOrning on sat went NUH to visit Jackson again...
hE's muCh more better now *thankz gOd*~

after tat went dOwn tO tOwn to get my new hP model 3230~
need tO faster trade in my Panasonic X70 *although i hate tO cos i still lUv it* cos its gOlng crazy sOOn...
take a new lOok at my new hP~

next dOwn tO Sembawang,Grace *MF* hse tO celebrate Weilie Birthday & alsO Joey farewEll *she's gOlng LA to study*
wOw~Grace's brOther daniel cOok us dinner which was sOoo delicious *thankz daniEl*

after din,decideD tO play games in which loser drink vOlka~
in the end,out of 10 of us almOst 8 of us went halr-wire wahaa~
but it was fUn =)

*sO nOw lets get ourselves drunk again next sat @ the chAlet & its party + clUbblng tlmE yOhOOo*

reacHlng oUt @ 9:25 PM