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* Wednesday, August 31, 2005 *

i know everyone has beEn waiting anxloUsly for my blog likE gRacE waiting for me tO blog the surprise & kelvin for me to blog the sentOsa trip! ok i shall bLOg all in once k!

26th Friday Night
it was werid having mE,Zaf & Shuli 3 of us out to watch "The Maid"
*where the other 3,grace,bOo,nurani got something on*
scary in the bEginning,waRm at last...

by bluffing mE to walk tO Wheelock place tO loOk for a COOKBOOK...
thEn bluff mE to Lido tO eat...
thEn bluff mE in nOt gOlng toilEt just tO stay @ there...
thEn bluff mE say got ppl call wrOngly...
etc etc etc...

lastly,i really had a blg sUrprise...
the other 3 of thEm,grace,bOo,Nurani camE with a lighted Fruity Birthday Cake...
i was likE oh-my-gOd keEp repeatlng it...
my mlnd was blank,tOuched,speeceless not forgetting a thOusand wOrds of appreciation!!!

i never had thls kind of surprise before really,i swEar!!!
you guys know i've beEn sad for the past few days before...
and nOw really,i'm reallY tOuched by everyhing u gUys dO...

thankz Shuli & Zaf for the wOnderFul acting throughout,u gUys can jOin the Star Idol cOmlng uP haa~
thankz Grace for bEgln the photOgrapher...
thankz Boo for nOt plcklng uP my call hurhur *u guys know*...
thankz Nurani for maklng used of tlmE tO teach tultiOn before cOmlng hee...

thankz gUyz~
p/s:more plc will be uploaded by next week cos haven received all da plc!

27th Sat MF Sentosa Trlp
next nOw is a trlp tO sentOsa -sunset bay...
its beEn lOng loNggggg tlme since i gO tan...
i'm becOmlng white liao,damn...

Not a bad day anyway...
we play twisters,
gO kayaking,
play soccer,
not forgetting photo taklng hee~
allright,finally i'm tanned + rEd + pain...

at night,went tO a korEan resturant near Penisular there for dinner...
nice kOrean fOod...
after tat,the rest went off tO watch "the maid"...
i went hOme since i was tired & have wOrk next day!!!
anyway Thankz MuslcfOrest Sis & Bro for thls trlP

MuslcfOrest @ Sunset Bay
p/s:plc upload in my webshots 6~

28th Start Work @ Deeper/FourSkin
allright,tat's explained my lONG awaiting blog cOs beEn wOrking for the past few days...
1st day at deEper *@ far east* not bad but a lot of things tO remember...
belts,shades,shawl,t-shirt,cargO,shorts,skirts etc etc all different prices...
and what's mOre u cant key in anything wrongly ah bO,sayonara...

since 1st day there,i'm already starting tO aim things liao haa~
got staff discOunt y not used it tO get things...
and till now i've bOught a tOp,a belt,a wraistcUff & 2 flip flOps...
not yet earn $,spend $ liao...

1st day with anothe gal,
2nd day 1/2 day alOne,
3rd day i'm totally alone,open close shop...
sld say i'm fast in learning all these except my stUdles ba haa~

start tO get bUsy but i lOve it...
i cant say mUch but i can say at least wOrk at dEeper keeps me busy than at SC...
and i think i start getting tO like wOrk at Deeper/Fourskin liao...

well,tats end my 6 days blog in one!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 11:53 PM

* Wednesday, August 24, 2005 *

after a few days of mOodlness...
i'm allright liao...
thankz friends for all the concern...

& i'm back...
with a soar throat...
+ tirednEss
+ fEver uP & dOwn...
nOt a gOod weEk tO start with...

anyway happy nEws tO share...
my bOss has just given birth tOday to a baby gal...
wEnt to visit her at Mount.A...
the same old face as other new bOrn baby...
bUt its defintely a cRy baby,even little things can makE it cRy...

Baby Calin

Cry baby man~

mUmmy & baby

reacHlng oUt @ 10:12 PM

* Monday, August 22, 2005 *

i dun like tO fOrce ppl tO do things cos i know the outcOme will never be happy at all...
*tEars haVe been flOwing dOwn frOm mOrning sch tlmE tIll late nOw*

jUst likE last year...
and its happEned the same thls year again...
is there a sOup where someone can forget about everything...
including ur bday what's more its a 21st bday...

friends arOund me are feeling all sO excited for me except mysElf...
being having pressurise by ppl asklng me how i am i gOing to celebrate my 21st...

and nOw u tEll "i thOugh u keEp quiet never ask sO dun neEd celebrate lor"
what's this answer *f*...
if i've nv ask tOday,sO its gOing to bE all the way quiet till thEn...
i've already ask U about it,its U whO keep quiet abOut it...
i didn't & i've beEn making plans since dUnO whEn...

attEnding my friend's bday...
makE me feEl sO happy for thEm...
excEpt mine...

ya,since u say dUn need celebrate what fOr get me a 21st pendant...
what fOr say it serve as a memOry...
i want a happy celebration memOry nOt a present memOry...

since u tHough being 21 years oLd is just another year older...
thEn its allright...
dun celebrate liao,everyone plz forget about my bday date...
even if there's celebration,i dOubt i'll bE happy...

and i gUess from then onwards,i'll NEVER gOtten celebrate my bday anymore!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 6:52 PM

* Wednesday, August 17, 2005 *

i flunked everything...

my baslc + my NaFa...
its allright nvm,i shAll go for it again on my baslc BUT NOT NAFA...

wahaa~perhaps i didnt read enOugh for my baslc bleahz...
my femUr + my hUmerUs *leg there* are ACHING & BREAKING SOON~~~

6 rOunds of 2.4km wakEs me uP tat i'll nOt gOing for any rUnning for the nExt conservative mths or year...
anyOne carE tO dO a FREE MASSAGE for my lEgs >.<

i CANT even gOt down a staircase properly,shlt damn...
hOpefUlly i dun go to sch tml by crutChes wahaha *lame*~~~

allright after a busy weEk,tlmE for restlng & rElax...
cya friends!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 10:54 PM

* Wednesday, August 10, 2005 *

Willy Wonka
oh gOsh,
u guys must visit thls webslte if u really lOve "Charlie & the chOcolate factOry".
maybE u dun lOve charlie bUT u LOVE WILLY WONKA...

jOhnny dEpp ls sO fUnny oh gOd & i jUst got to know he's the Edward Scissors Hand...
i likE the Edward Scissors Hand but i forgot whO is the the really so-call ed Edward liaO & lalala its hlm...

i likE the sOng especially Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka,the chocolatier...

reacHlng oUt @ 10:49 PM

* Sunday, August 07, 2005 *

i swOre tO bE a DIY QUEEN waahaa~no a DIY Princess is enOught!

i startEd oUt dOlng DIY stUffs on my clOthing weEks agO.
anD till nOw i've oNly finiShed 1 haa~cos nO time...
nOw trylng harD tO sEw all thE plc oUt i likE & there it gOes on my tEe.

my matErials

my 2nd DIY drawing of the floWER

tls 1 is bOught not dO wan haa~

my 2nd DIY projEct haa~

my 1st DIY project

closer vleW

my namE "K"


hOW'S is it heihei,but the last 2 plc ls not dOne by mE...
i jUst bought the matErial & irOn down haa~
*at least better than nth right*

p/s:GRACE need mE tO help U DIY,i chargE v.ex hOr haa~

reacHlng oUt @ 1:01 AM

* Friday, August 05, 2005 *

my thEory test has endEd...
my 1st ICA prOject has EndEd...
my pratical skill test has EndEd toO & thankz gOd i've passEd...

watched Charlie & thE chOcolatE factOry...
a nice,fUnny shOw...Willy WonkEr cUte wahaa~~

what's nExt???

my dReam is 1/2 Way there...
i'm still hOlding it tlgHt...

i'vE a lOt of thlngs in mY mind nOw...
i fEel likE lettlng lt oUt...
spittlng lt oUt everything tO him tO let hlm know hOw i feel!!!
bUt i scarEd tat'll endEd oUr frlEndshlP as wEll...

*in a cOnfUsed statE*

reacHlng oUt @ 7:13 PM