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* Saturday, May 27, 2006 *

27 May'06

its key into my brain~
anD i hOpe this try last forever~

reacHlng oUt @ 12:19 PM

* Thursday, May 25, 2006 *

2 wOrst dressings i've ever dOne in my 3 yrs life~
bOth with maggOts crawling arOund~
anD damn such a fOul smEll~
till i wanna vOmit~

anD i'm sUrplse~
i'm still alive without anything gOing into my stOmach since morning!
usually i'll bE having hypO liao~

1 more weEk tO go~
anD i'll bE free~
sO buCk uP gal!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 6:44 PM

* Tuesday, May 23, 2006 *

i'm climbing~
i'm always falling~
i'm also always picking myself up~

its goes the same this time rOund~
i've to manage to pick myself up once again~
without any hElp~

i hOpe i can succeed~
cos i've no more time to fall again!

i'll try to keep on the positive side!

reacHlng oUt @ 1:26 AM

* Monday, May 22, 2006 *

the tears in my eyes have blurred my vision~
i no longer can see clearly again~

reacHlng oUt @ 3:51 AM

* Wednesday, May 17, 2006 *

i'm in dOubt~
can sOmeone enlightened mE!

reacHlng oUt @ 12:59 AM

* Monday, May 15, 2006 *

gUess what~
i've recelvEd my licence~
yEah ^_^
bUt the plc uGly uGly~
nO time tO take a new plc sO just settle fOr the Old plc~
sO regrEt!!!

haa~i'm tOo haPpy/laZy tO change oUt of UnifOrm

way back hOme jUst now~
thinking & thinking & thinking~

thOught that sometimes in lifE~
one sldn't pln sO much hOpe in dOing something~
yEsh,mOre effOrt & confidence is neEded~
bUt sometimes tOo over~
makE things more wOrst!

jUst like how my driving fareS~
nOt only that~
still gOt other things~

if i mysElf know i've pUt in effOrt~
in dOlng something~
nO matter what the rEsult is~
i know that's enOugh!!!

arh slan~
i'll bE dOlng nigHt shlft on wEd & thU~
3yrs in my lifE~
1st 2 night shlft haa~
hopefUlly can sUrvive~

perhaps i sld drink sOme volka b4 i gO for wOrk~
haa~coS a bit of alcolic makeS me awake!
or maybE U guys can call mE & chat with mE~

reacHlng oUt @ 6:33 PM

* Sunday, May 14, 2006 *

Myspace Glitter Text GraphicsMyspace Glitter GraphicsGlitter Graphics, Myspace Glitter GraphicsMyspace BackgroundsMyspace Glitter Graphics

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Myspace Graphics, Glitter GraphicsMyspace Glitter ImagesMyspace Graphics, Glitter Graphics

tO all the Mothers In thls wOrld nO matter where U are ^_^

reacHlng oUt @ 2:25 PM

* Friday, May 12, 2006 *

slaCk @ hoMe today~
always last min fly kltE~

i wanna get an MP3~
i wanna get tat grEen adidda sling bAg~

---blaStlng the music---

((200 Ways to Cheer Yourself ))

181. Call the people who mean the most to u and tell that person how u feel.

182. Don…t give a second thought to how others view how u handle your life.

183. Make happy memories for someone else.

184. Learn when to say enough is enough!

185. Even if you can…t sleep, rest!

186. Just because you make a mistake doesn…t mean you are a mistake!

187. Let love be the motive behind all your actions

188. Start the next chapter of your life with a clean slate.

189. Write down all roles you play in life. Are there any that you want to change or even drop?

190. Make a recipe for life that is nine parts happiness and only one part heartache

191. Always be asking yourself how can you be happier.

reacHlng oUt @ 8:30 PM

* Tuesday, May 09, 2006 *

i'm tired real tired~
since attachment start~
nO 1 day is a gOod rest~

at last tOday can slp sO sOundly~
bUt have tO replace wOrk on Sat~

today paper~
frankly,i'm scared~
its the last of the last~

i'm lOsing my appetite~
since attachment start again~
skipping meals~
snacks for meals~
gastric pain~
every signs & symptoms has appeared!

i nO longer can finish 1 meal properly~
even @ hOme!
i'm dead!!!

p/s:Congrates Shuli,u made it tOo!Happy for U!Shall cya on Frl,its ladles night!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 7:20 PM

* Friday, May 05, 2006 *

tester :'Do you know u are driving so slow','i can reach jurong in 30mins if for you ard 1hr man'
tester : 'you are always delaying here & there ar & nv check ur rear mirror etc etc'
tester :'alyo this is the 3rd time u took liao leh'

After all the nagging,the tester purposely cover up,don't wanna let me see before finally~he pass me the paper!

And i saw yEah
"I PASS" - 18 pts
*all my small minor things was deducted*

this time~
a peaceful & calm mind~
nO more worrying if i'll cry a not~
perhaps i'm numb liao~
it seems that even though i've pass~
im not in the least happy at all!

thinking that 'oh i've pass ok,at last BUT its on my 3rd attempt'~
my own expectations are always falling below it~

anyway,everyone is happy for me,thankz ppl =)
those who give me the encOuragement,i appreciate!
not forgetting my 2 instrutors,Desmond & Paul =>

~!~!~!~!~back tO attachmEent~!~!~!~!~

PRCP ended for most of my friends oUt there~
Congrates tO those that have Pass wEll~
u gUys finally GRADUATE!

*while i still got 1 more month*
anD sOri for those whO fail badly~

in my ward,was shOcked~
3 china gals fail~
i mUst admit sister was strict~
bUt but but........halz

that's the reason why i stress myself~
if i dun dO that~
in the end,
i guess i'll be like thEm too!
of cos hopefUlly nOpe lah!
praying everyday~
learning everyday~
stressing everyday!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 11:01 PM

* Thursday, May 04, 2006 *

'busy' is the wOrd~

bUsy till i forgot the time~
busy till i sklp my break~
bUsy till i no longer knows what i'm dOlng~
busy till i no longer knows what tired is~
bUsy till i cant even sleep wEll at night~

*tOns and tOns of things tO learn*
sO tons & tons of stress is pilling uP again!
*anD l'll have tO learn it fast & well*

lastly buSy till i almost forgot tml is my TP~
jUst started tO get some anxiety~
3rd time liao~
kEeps pondering 'will i pass'~

my mum threatened me tO pass leh~
if not~hohOoo!!!
Best of lUck tO me!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 6:53 PM

* Monday, May 01, 2006 *

the cafE atmosphere was grEat & nice~
had an enjOyable night ~
thankz kEnnEth!!!
p/s:eh remember the photo hor,i want leh haa!!!

----bOred nOw----
fOund this questionaire on someone bLog's~
find it interesting sO here wE gO~~~

Name: pEili
Nickname(s): ah-li / yOng...
Racial Background: Asian
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: 4/9/1984
Horoscope: vlrgO
Hometown: Singapore
Location: North-east
Eye Color/Type: Light Brown
Hair Color/Type: Black w/ fated dyE
Height: tall

Weight: average

Do you wear prescription glasses?: Yesh
Do you wear sunglasses?: depends

Do you wear prescription lens?: Yeah
Do you wear colored contacts?: Nope
Best Features (looks): hmm.. eyes
Worst Features (looks): FATsss haa~

Transportation:Bus only,i'm a nerd in taking train
Pets: nopE~i hope i can havE a chamelOn haa~i'm cOld-blooded!

General Mood: ^_^
Words to Describe You:cheerful,dependable,organise,quiet,observable!
What Type of Person are You: thinker,always think haa~
Best Features (personality): hmm....
Worst Features (personality): bottle feelings uP~

What kind of work do you do?: what dO missy dO~
What kind of hobbies do you have?: mUslc,ktv,shOp etc etc
Any goals for the future?: yUp but tat's secret~

Good Habits: healthy conscious person + dun smokE haaa~
Bad Habits: hmm........

Motto or Code: trying tO stay positive always!
Religion/Beliefs: free-thinker
What makes you happy?: small little things being done for me by others & all my friends are happy i'm happy ^_^

Rate your personality 1-10: 8 hee~
Rate your love life 1-10: hmm...perhaps O no fate haa~
Rate your work(school) life 1-10: 1O stressEd!
Rate your social life 1-10: 8
Rate your spiritual life 1-10: 5

Are you aggressive?:I AM......not haaa~or perhaps sometimes ya hee!
Are you extroverted?: sometimes~
Are you introverted?: sometimes~
Are you judgmental?: sometimes~
Are you accepting?: huh ???
Are you friendly?: yeah
Are you a leader?: nOpe but i hope tO be 1 haa~
Are you a follower?: ya

Are you bitchy?: how bltCh u want me to be haa!

All questions refer to your favorite:
Juice: apple,orange,aelo vera!
Soda: ice-cream soda hee~
Appetizer: no pref~
Fruit: Kiwi,mangO,strawberries!
Soup: Cream Corn mUshrOom heihei and my campbelle sOup haa!!!
Main dish: fish & chlPs!
Candy: wait till i'm hypo then sweets will cOme in used!

Fashion Line: nO perf but more tO topshOp!
Footwear: HAVANIANS my fav hee~

Hairstyle: lOng,straigh haa~
Movie Genre: eh i dun or seldom watch movies!!!
Friend(s): i got a lot of bEst & gOod friends that i treasurE ^_^

Are you a flirt? nope
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? average,pleasant-looking!
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? Understanding, Patient,non-smoker and not a flirt!

What kind of relationship(s) have you been in? out-of-no-where kind of r/s, draggy, impulse,flirty,chEat!
What kind of relationship(s) would you like? Healthy r/s having trust =)

What was your first relationship like? sweet & sour for 1.5yrs!
What was your last relationship like? out-of-no where impluse r/s!

Are you an affectionate person? ya
Have you ever been In Love? Ya
Have you ever had someone be In Love with you?: Ya
Love at first sight: Yes
Lust at first sight: nope
What does love mean to you? Happiness ^_^
Do you want marriage someday?hm...wait till i fOund 1 then say!
Ever plan on living together? Cohabit? hmm.. can

What kind of living arrangement? ah~i like the 'fUll hOuse' type living by the beach/sea!!!

What should the ages be for:Curfew: depends on each family right~
Driving Age: 20
Drinking Age: any age as long as u dun get drunk haa~
Voting Age: 21
Smoking Age: nO smoking at all can~
Age of Consent: 18
Are you happy with the world? i'll be happy if there's WORLD PEACE
Are you happy with life? ya i guess i sld be contented!
Are you happy with yourself (mentally)? yesh i'm am
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? nope haa~
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally)? hm...still ok lah
What do you think of this Quiz? quite interesting although i've deleted some of the stupid question ask!

HOPE it dOn't get bOred tO u!!!
oh ya lastly HAPPPY LABOUR DAY!
hopefUlly May wil be a better mOnth for mE!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 1:13 PM