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* Thursday, August 31, 2006 *

2nd day?

mOrning everyone?
the rest are having breakfast?
sO here am i blogging hee?

oH i'm gOing tO do my hair later hee?
i'm gOing to have it dye & cut hee?
wondering how its gOing tO turn out to be?

gOing tO wU fEn pU later?
yeah baby gOtten shOp like mad haaaa?

p/s:cindy plz tell mummy & daddy i'm enjOying muhaaa?

reacHlng oUt @ 9:35 AM

* Wednesday, August 30, 2006 *

guess what guess what~
i'm at airport now hee~
spore airport lah haaa~

and guess what's behind me~
those airplanes~
oh my gOd~

allright sori tO say lah~
i'm sO 'suai gu' lah haaa~

allright gOt to got~
see me sOon in TAIWAN yeah~

reacHlng oUt @ 12:21 PM

* Tuesday, August 29, 2006 *

life is fUll of surprlse~
well fOr me as i can say haa~

i've another mOst sUper surprise of all~
actually i know i'll be receiving something tOday~
but i though its must have been a normal bday prezzie package~

i was out when my mum call me tO tell me:
'gal ar,somebody send u a flower & bear leh'
'is it ur bf send 1'

'huh,orh i think i know who send lah'

i was like erhm maybe just a normal bouquet of flowers & bear~
bUt to my surprise when i reach home~
right infront of my doorstep~
its a big box of rOses & bear~

i cant believe what i saw~
i was stUnned for a sEcond~

the biggest box of flowers i've ever received~

*even all my ex also didn't give sO huge bleahz*

sO next time,if wanna proposed,get ready a bouquet bigger than this lol~
*arha,am i asking too much or thinking tOo much j/k leh*

my surprlse
the bOx is big
12 roses =)

12 rOses in a sUper big bOx~
plUs 1 cUte bear~

and its not frommy bf~
its ELAINE my sister~
from perth,sHe had the stuffs booked online & send tO me before i leave for taiwan~

i'm sO touched tat i didnt know what tO say except a sincere warm 'THANKZ' from the bottom of my heart~
u must have spend a bomb just to make me happy~
its allright ifs it isn't tUlip or bLue rOse~
u've the heart,i appreciated it liao~
even if its just a normal bday card also will make me smile =)

i know everyone around me is trying tO make me happy~
i am this time i'm really am~
thankz friends!!!
allright,less than 12hrs nOw~
cOunting dOwn tO my TAIWAN TRIP~
i'll enjOy~
i surely will~
will bring back a lot of stuffs & nice plc~
wait for me ya grace heee~

and i surely will update my blog when i'm in taiwan hee~
be sure tO check out my blog=p

reacHlng oUt @ 11:53 PM

* Monday, August 28, 2006 *

i've no idea why these few days~
my mOod is simply dOwn on the earth~
like somebody stepping on it~

6-7hrs of slp i've but wOke up still feeling fatigue~
my eyes simply cant open & have tO wear a shades tO cover uP~

i've been stupidly quiet these few days~
staring into spaces~
dreaming in the daytime~
nodding off on bUs~

although my bday is cOming~
i simply have no mood to celebrate it~
i just feel sO lousy~
i just want tO get away from spore & relax myself~

although im going tw soOn too~
not really in any exciting mOod at all~

i've no idea why~
perhaps due to some unhappy things that happened previously~
*cOugh cough*
did i mention~
i want tO slim dOwn~
and 'I HAVE TO' slim dOwn cos...~
*ok,i know some of u gotten strangle me cos i'm already sO skinny & yet but i'm not =(*
*its jUst some of the stupid fats hidden uP somewhere muhaa*


i'm indulging intO gd foods~
gd lunch,gd dinner and what's more GD SUPPER~
how many rOunds dO i've tO run,can someone help me calcuate???

i've a nice surpise bday celebration by my Musicforest jies & kors~
making me walk all the way,doing window shopping ard~
before bringing mE tO Fish & Co meeting the rest~

making me realising i though only 2 of us having dinner~
well actually jie,i told u i've already somehow sense something liao~
see i'm right lor haa *wink wink*

well actually not only celebrating mine bday~
me & Sharon bday actually falls on the same day but different year =p
sO nice having tO know a friend whose share the same bday as u =)

Fish & Co actually has an unique way of celebrating~
is tO make both of us stand on a chair~
light up 2 sparkle for uS~
and here's cOmes our bday sOng~
lastly,oH no,we've to stand on the chair & blow the candles~

*imagine me,so tall,stand on chair,then cannot bend and blow the candles on the table*
*ops,sOri i'm not implying u r short sharOn*
*sometimes tall are also a bit disadvantage lah haa =p*

not only tat~
i received the most creative & unique present =)
thEy actually rOll the $10 notes up~
with their little wishes written on another small paper,rOlled uP too~
pluS 22 foldeed turtles *to make sure i live a longer life arhaa*~
all into the glass bOttle *which is my lOve*

its sO nice,i simply love it~
make me wanting tO cry~
really thankz guys~
i hope we'll all continue tO help each other tO celebrate for the next cOming years & forever ok~

the 22 & 24 candlEs hee~

me & Sharon on the chair

cutting cake time

1st take

2nd take

my creative prezzie

the little wishes =)

~mOre plcS here~

reacHlng oUt @ 12:53 PM

* Saturday, August 26, 2006 *

chEck out this 2 dinner sPots bEhind Bugls Junction

1)Creation @ Shaw Tower
- the price is sO reasonable for 1 main coz,1 drink,1 soup & 1 dessert~
- western coz
- the service is sOooooo gd right Sherine & Ryan haa~

2)Tong Shui Cafe @ Liang Seah Street
- price is also reasonable always ended with the 0.88cents behind~
- Hong Kong style with HK movie shown on the tv hee~
- the surrounding is so pinkish & nice~
tO cut short ~
jUst view the plc in the link below heihei~

~Creation + Alley Bar~

p/s:will waiting for the 'retrO cum ah liang ah beng party' cOming up huh ryan haa =p
my heart sO pain~
i abandoned a job which i can earn 1mth pay within 4 days~
@ the cOmex fair next week~
cOs i'll be enjOying in TW~
damn it~
i'm really sori~
ytd was at a pub~
didn't heard what u say when u call~
give me a call if u are awake ok~
i know its hard for u cos ur suitation is exactly the same as mine~
sO since i can do it,why cant u right~
i know urs has been v.long somehow 2 yrs liao~
sO gal~face the reality~
get on with ur life =)
mama just told me:
'ah li ar,u better dun get sick hor when u know u r going tw soon'

'huh orh,i know'
and there i am 'cOughing away'
gOd bless i better be well!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 12:22 PM

* Thursday, August 24, 2006 *

this time i'm really drUnk~
i'm really am in the 1st half~
i almost need a stretcher~

1st time i'm having headahce~
1st time i feel sO woBbly~
1st time i feel sO lousy man~


1st time i pUke~
damn it~

steff pUke 1st~
*steff,i guess was being carry out in a stretcher haa*
before i fOllow haa~

i pUke from the ladies~
tO a drinking cUp then tO a jUg~
i was likE oH what am i dOing man~

i swear i didn't drink as much as i did last time~
but y am i arggg~

but luCkily i was real sOber in the 2nd half~
and this time i'm taking care of thOse not sOber 1 muhaaa~
oh i sld say its tipsy right Alex muhaaa~

and yeah fernie ar fernie~
u dUn go tOo over-high hor~

oh i was sOoo HAPPY *not high*~
cos i saw my darling~
i can swear he's the mOst sweetest gUy in the wOrld~
heihei i'm too exaggerate lah hee~
but its the trutH *winkwink*

anyway thankz for waiting & sending =)
oH grace sU~
i damn sO like Joan Lee now haaa~
msg me & i'll tell U more on the fUnny things she told uS haa~
i wisH for more lecturers like her~
sO lecture will not be sO boring~
i guess i'm really lucky~
i'm lucky tO known my new grp of friends~

thEy are sO funny man~
thEy initate tO tok to me~
introdUcing themself~
thEy make me nOt feel left oUt~

and what's more i jUst know them for only 2 days~
and i was invited tO their class chalet next week~
i was sO delighted & tOuched~
thankz gUys~
i knew i cant ask for more having tO know u all =)
sOri Sherine & Ryan~
i have tO abandoned the redang trlP liao~
really wish tO join u guys but then~
my ica all falls ard tat time~
sO i've to make the saddest chOice of all~

reacHlng oUt @ 4:43 AM

* Tuesday, August 22, 2006 *

allright,i waited when the clOck strikes 12am~
then i shall pOst the entires uP~


last sat~
was oUt tO Paulinder pUb~
just opposite Suntec convention hall~
its a German Pub~

tO have an early celebration fOr anNe~
have dinner at 2nd level resturant,nice food with nice ambience~
after tat proceed dOwn for their homely brew beer =)
taste nice tOo~
hOpe u like the little small surprise from uS anNe =)

oUr bday gal with the sUnflOwerour sUrprise bday cakE =)

sneaky shOt of my 'King Prawns'


meet uP with KJ,francls,HH fOr rOller-blade sesslOn~
HH,whO's our sEc friend + blading instructOr squeeze out his precious time fOr us~
thankz pEepz for teaching & lending the skates FOC =p

arg i mUst have bEen damn lOusy~
or is it KJ & francls has the basic of ice-skate =p

i fell dOwn 4 times~
3 landed frOnt & 1 landed on my bUtt *Ouch*
& added mOre injuries tO my leG *which i gOt it from wakeboard*

sneaky shot of me
yEahour fierce instrutOr
francls kOrkj
my bEst friend =)the cOuples

allright~damn sUper hUngry~
after dinner at the village there~
me & HH went tO katOng for KATONG LAKSA~
we must be crazy yeah haa~

friends who knows me,knows i cant take spicy~
yEt i went tO eat laksa~
hEy its famOus lor,sO why not have a try =p
arhhaa,anyway ok lah,not tat spicy~
although i can sense my face is feeling a bit hot heee~
oh i was fOrced~
fOrced tO join superstar~
arhwa lin jie~
although a lot of friends also keep asking me to join~
my singing was not gd sO join also wasted lah~
and this time its audition infront of everybody~
eh i might sneak off dUring last min muhaaa~
i misS u guys sO much~
i miSs our laughters back in sch~
oh dun need tO hide any details tO save my reputation~
i've nth ugly tO show anyway~
me being initiative~

yes i initiate to msg u etc~
but did i initiate to ask u out~
did i initiate to ask u out for movie~
did i initiate to ask u get food for me~
*ok but i appreciate what u did*
i've already told myself to pull back the strings~
i did mention before,if u dun wanna try, i'll respect ur decision~

allright stop here liao k,both parties are tired~
dun make this as any bad impression in either of us~

and relly thankz my dear friends for being out there for me and erhm include those who i didn't even know tat tag~

life is 10% wat happen to u & 90% how u respond to it - anonymous

reacHlng oUt @ 12:12 AM

* Sunday, August 20, 2006 *

i though i'm having a great weekends~
and i though i can relax well~

but my B/P goes up again~

damn plssed off~

i'm not 1 loudspeaker telling ppl what so & so~
what gd has it got for me~

letting ppl pity me cos i'm the 1 got ditched~
oh plz i dun need tat kind of sympathy~

how many times must i say those ppl not my friends~
ok i appreciated if they are standing on my side or whatever~

i've nv blog anything regarding u~
and now its ur entries that tell the world everything~

sO i guess thEy must have got to know from ur entries~
or whoever knows u in the sch,knows ur blog etc~
cOs i can sense none of them knows my blog at all till i tag~

how ugly u've phrased it out,i've already kept quiet abt it~
cos i see no point mentioning anything since everything has come to an end!

allright,lastly i dun 1 to get involved in any of their childish thing u mention & plz not my name linking with them~

i'm cooling down~
will be back updating my entires & send the plc to u anne~

reacHlng oUt @ 11:05 PM

* Thursday, August 17, 2006 *

my face loOk like a cakE~
sO many layers~

my eyes vessels were shOoting uP red~
cOs of the smOky eyes~

but neverlEss,hee~
my eye had sOme candy indUlge in~

tat is the 2 sO cute gd-loOking guys~
and 1 of thEm resemble LOUSI KOO~

oH gOsh,i was like arhh~
smiling tO myself~

but damn~
tat director was GAY~
sO he was alsO gaga over the 2 guys~

how many times must i repeat~
i'm from POLY i'm from POLY i'm from POLY~

dO i've the face of a Uni~
or is it Uni sO easy tO get in tat everyboDy is in Uni now~

reacHlng oUt @ 4:45 PM

* Wednesday, August 16, 2006 *

i've a shoOt tml~
yet i'm indulging into secret recipt cake~
*oH sheesh,i'm addicted*
and pasta etc~
hOw am i gOing tO shed off tat few kilOs~

i'm sO intO 'tuEsday with mOrrie'~
bUt eh hee~
decided with the exchangE with mikE~
i bOught 'the 5 ppl u meet in Heaven' instead~
*hope its as nice tOo*

friends ask me;
'pEili,y u always dun ask question one & get it clear for once'

'i likE the feeling of thinking,deeply in thoughts'
'since i can think it through myself,y sld i ask'
'is it tat impt tO know the truth or facts?'
'and as i say,i thrust my 6th sense'

^ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S H U L I N ^

reacHlng oUt @ 10:15 PM

* Tuesday, August 15, 2006 *

Sat nitz~

Early celebration @ Hark Music Cafe~
a nice atmosphere~
with nice mUsic~

bUt sorl tO say~
DON'T dinner there hee~

our Birthday Gal
shE baNgs shE bangs
my sistar~
act cUte dlOn & Shulin
eh my fashion consultant helping me with my bad hair day
and yeah =p
our 2 own main lead singers for the nitz =)
our francls singer~
ops~sO sori jie,tat's me & kj present fOr u haa~
i'm gotten kill U;arhHhHHHHHhh

everyone gets tO sing on stage =)
tat's nice~
hope everyone enjOys too =)
especially u Jie~

Sun noon~

almOst got up late again~
meeting my 'spare tyre' out town for a mOvie~
ops,haa~is my good friend lah~
*he call himself my spare tyre tat's y =p'

watch thiland 'the ghOst gamE'
allright,tO me is still consider scary~
but to other,is still not up to standard ba~

have dim sum for lUnch~
and sUper cheap dim sUm~
its still taste as nice~

Locate at SunShine Plaze at Prinsep road~
call 'Victor Kitchen' =)

my fav tUlip,any1 wanna get 1 for me =p
sUperman with the rEd eyes
childen sUnglasses,nice
anyone care tO get me tat whOle bUnch of rOse =p

arh damn plss off man~
when i'm hardwOrking,bOss not ard~
when i'm slacking a bit,i'm being caUght~
nvm anyway gOtten quit sooN~

well,gUess u've ur wish fullfill that u once mention~
=) but too bad i'm not the one bleahzzzzzzz~

dream are a funny thing. Dreams we hold dear to us. Without dreams,we are little more than mechanical animals - anonymous

reacHlng oUt @ 9:44 AM

* Sunday, August 13, 2006 *

finally i realise i'm a hUman not a rObot~

wOrk,play,wOrk,plaY nonstOp~
*its seems i'm in taiwan liao haa*
lastly i feel the pinch of it liao~
the pinch of spEnding damn~
ok will update & upload those plc fast k~
plz be patient!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 11:34 PM

* Saturday, August 12, 2006 *

11 Aug

to be frank i'm surprise~
to received ur call~
cos i nv expect u'll explain~
anyway i'm just tOo tired tO heard what u've say!

cOs i know all things i've think thr are just right & as to what u've explained although i got to know more of it!

and damn i really had no idea whO the hell blog ur tat tag~

reacHlng oUt @ 10:53 AM

* Friday, August 11, 2006 *

ur call just in time~
1 month just right~

everything is right as tO what i thlnk & what u said~

everything has cOme to a closure~
*erhm didn't it come to closure long ago as i really nv though of it liao*


reacHlng oUt @ 9:13 AM

* Thursday, August 10, 2006 *

oH my dearest fernie cOusin,i know u will always be on my side~

Oh did i mention where i went jUst now~

i went zOUk,its mambO nitz yeah baby~

my dearest fernie
with her friend,steFF
1 more added in =)
zOuk tOilet,smElls nice haa~

i was drUnk~
erhm nOpe,i'm still sOber enuff tO type this blog out~
but seriously i'm still 'gaga' over after a shower~
guess too long nv drink liao~
and i drink & drink & drink~

oH gOsh,fernie,u r bad~
u leave me alone with the rest haa~
i'm jOking~

steff's mum rOcks man~
oh yeah Happy 19th Birthday tO ya friend Alvin~
*whO wao laO,cant make it man ops i'm sOri*

i cant believe
i gOt damn stUpidly HIGH~
1st time gOt sO high like hEll~

i dance like nobody business~
i dance till i'm panting~
i dance with almOst anyone infront of me i can see~

and yeah seriously i enjOy the dance with U mlkE~
thankz fOr cOmin dOwn & loOk for me =)

k i need a lOng slp now~
drifting away 5,4,3,2,1......

gOt up pretty early~
cOs i'll get sober when i drink heihei~

why this yr national day firworks sO cannot make it~

purposely reach home early just tO watch the firewOrks~
cos it'll be the last time i can get to watch it at hOme~
bUt great disappointment~

but neverless tO say,the ITALIAN firwOrks was sOooo pretty =)

sheessh~i LOST MY VOICE~

If you never stop to smell the roses, you will never know how sweet life can truly be - anonymous

reacHlng oUt @ 4:30 AM

* Tuesday, August 08, 2006 *

its getting clearer & clearer~
the puzzel slowly forms out into a plcture in my mind~
and finally i understood everything~
its always when everything has ended then u'll get it~

i'm having my darkest moments when u'll there for mE~
my prcp,my supp,my repeat~
now i know i gotten walk thr the last part by myself~
i know i can do it~
and thankz for making tat past few months a 'sinno me mora' for me!

as long as you're happy~
i'll be happy~
our bOss mUst be a real kPo~
checking oUt all the rUmours ard the cOmpany~
we've already been in lOw profIle~
anyway its trutH =)
its when u are still young u still can afford to do some crazy stuffs =)
without caring the next day got work a not,got sch a not haa~
taking mc as U like =p

rUshing dOwn tO ChinatOwn tO suPper after wOrk~
sIng together~
high tOgether
tired tOgether~
panda eyes tOgether~
mOodleSs tOgether~
latE tOgether~

tat's life arhaa~
more of it plz haaa~
jUst jOking!!!

did i mentlOn 'CLICK'
oH hOw its sUper nice~

jas was saying 'how we wish we've got a remote control'
'fast forward everything,especially wOrking with bOss walking ard'
and we are clicking here & there,everywhere =p
suddenly feel like getting a star tattoo~
i can see a lot of ppl shaking heads when thEy see this haa~
jUst a tiny winy 1 on wrist,back of shoulder or neck~
i know i'm insane~

comments plz~i need some if i sld or sld not~
a gd karma will falls on me soOn right gracE~
haa~enjOying in HK now,still remember tO msg me ar haa~
but toO bad its not lOusi or daniel lol haa~
msg me when u are back spore!
i'm waiting for Ur present muhaaa!!!

stay positive,stay strong,stay happy & dun grumble too much,tat's life - karen

reacHlng oUt @ 12:19 AM

* Friday, August 04, 2006 *

although my metabolism is decreasing~
but still~
feel gd & refresh after a jOg in the mOrning~
a lot of ppl have been asking me these questionS:

''pEili,y u becOme so tan'
arhwahh well well well =)


''gal,r u ok?forget abt it ok'
yup i'm prefectly fine,i'm looking positivly =)
thankz for all the concern, frends~
anyway sOri,i didn't know~

i'm gotten have a packed shedUle next week~
or sld i say for the whOle aUg~
i'm gotten be 1 bUsy wOmen heihei~

gotten organise a lot of things~
gotten plan sOme things~
gotten read uP a lot of things~
gotten learn sOme new things~
gotten try out some things~
hmm,i guess i didn't mention~
today is 4th Aug~
1 more mOnth lor to my .....
any surprise for mE~
perhaps hm Lousi,Duncan,Donnie or Daniel Chan for me~
if dun have,i dun mind cUte guys or hUnk also haa =p
i've waited till my nEck lOng enOugh~

anD yeah David taO~
and F.I.R~

wao~S.H.E new songs are great~

Wisdom is knowing what to do next
Virtue is doing it - anonymous

reacHlng oUt @ 2:20 PM

* Wednesday, August 02, 2006 *

just browse thr my previous entries~
i just realise~
its been a year~
ya a year~
i cant believe it~
anyway congrates~
can declared in bliss now~
come to realise i'm just a passer-by in ur life~
without anyone knowing~
oh shlt,i'm sO smitten by ur smile~
its melts my heart *winkwink*~
i'm loving my wOrk~
i'm lOving my new time shedUle~
cos i'm not in .....
erhm i know lin jie,u gotten scold me again~
but i'm sO tempted lah~
my 3rd White havanianas
can anyone be lUcky as me~
having 2 instrutors tO teach absolutely free haa~
ops sld i say 3 instead haa~
and the whOle sea belOngs tO me muhaa~

*close ur eyes now*
imagine,floating on a big poOl of salty water~
lOoking uP in the sky~
pondering hOw's life is gOod~

well well well,how i fare tOday~
ok i managed tO get up~
tat's sOmething tO be happy abt~
but in a couple of min,i'm dOwn in the water again haa~
but at least i'm enjOying~

although Fernie,u fly my kite~
bUt hee~1 persOn i can alsO enjoY lor~
u mlss oUt the fUn & ur instrutOr haa~
Best Movie tO watch in Aug~
'CLICK' *thUmbs uP*
although i'm tired but neverless~
lUcky i did agree tO watch the movie =)
i've nv feel sO relax before ~
i though i might stay quiet & tired~
but i'm not~
in fact,i'm enjOying all the jOkes with U~
haa,u r the 1st one tO seE my organiser too wOr~

p/s:shessh,Secret Receipt's Cakes are sOoo nice =p
Banana Chocolate *Hot fav*

and neverless,thankz for making tat call~
tO smooth me dOwn~

reacHlng oUt @ 11:32 PM