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* Sunday, October 28, 2007 *

this 3 gals here is the best buddies dUring sEc sch days~
and now,the middle one will be ROM in nOv~
while the one on the left will be ROM next Jan'08~
lastly,the right one is still living her happily single lifestyle~
working hard,earning more cash to travell the world =p
*and Sherine,we'll have each other to acc liao*

hereby,i send my advance warmest blessing tO both of u,
Kaijing & Liyan

hoo,i must be the last one tO know where dempsy is~
haa,finally make my way uP ytd~
a super nice place just for chilling out in pUbs & not clUb~
was at this pUb call 'House' *thumbs Up*

ever seen a 1 meter lOng sausage~

last but not least,i got my BABY BLUE CROCS~
all thankz tO CM who got it from ttsh for me,with 20% =)

and they are my fav cOlledges who helped me a lOt =)

reacHlng oUt @ 2:09 PM

* Monday, October 22, 2007 *

it was almOst a tOuch-and-go performace~
but still Weilie make it tO the finl cheErs~
*phew,sweat for him man*
anyway CONGRATES =)

we all jUst happened tO be GREEN~

reacHlng oUt @ 10:13 PM

* Saturday, October 20, 2007 *

1stly *a real BIG bday hUg for my 3 buddies*
*Elaine* * Jason** KennEth*
same old things i gotten say,sO u guys know it thr my heart can liao =p

next :

im not gotten waste my today precious wkend off~
as i gotten be on noon shift for the nx 2 wkend~

sO went on a retail therapy with Mike~
suppose tO acc him but in the end,i spend too~
my aim is just tO get tat vintage bag~
but sad,its sOld~
and i just have to cheer myself uP by getting a cheapO bag~

yesh we cOmb the whOle town area~
from far east to wisma to taka to heeren to cine~
to PS to Cathay and lastly back to cine/heeren~
we just walk rOund and rOund & zZzZ

but sometimes not too bad to shOp with a guy cos haa~
they'll help u to carry things~
as much as we'll both tired~
we still decided tO catch a show~
but the show 'Brothers' was so-so only~

omg and LOUSI KOO next mOvie will be uP soon~
anway wanna bOok me for his shOw =p haaa~

next 2 wks shedule s***~
cos it obstruce me from attending my chlO bu's 21st~
but no worries gal,no matter what,i'll still flydown =)

glad tO hear my dad is allright,yup for those who know ya~
no op needed,just some physiotherapy =)

last but not least,watch STARSEARCH TMR~
and support my friend Yeo Weilie,he's cute~
*although i know no calling is needed*

sleep tight everyone gd nitz!!!

reacHlng oUt @ 11:55 PM

* Thursday, October 18, 2007 *

indeed chOcolates dO make one's/me happy~
but sushi also dO makes me lalalaaa =)
craving for sushi especially salmOn sO decided tO treat myself tO a little snack~
anyway its healthy snack~
salmOn salmOn salmOn =)

read from a magazine~
some simple healthy tips to LOSS WEIGHT~

1) Studies found out women who get less than 5hrs of slp are 60% more likely to be overweight than those who enjoy the recommended 8hrs.Scientists have also found that being tired increase ur appetite making u crave for food u dun need.So give urself a boost,slp at least 8hrs every nitz~

2) People who consumed 2 eggs a day for breakfast lost 65% more weight & 83% more in-inches ard their waist compared to those who had a sandwich with the same amt of calories.Because protein in the eggs promotes satiety so u end up eating less later in the day =)

=) =) =)
omg i luv this sOng =)

reacHlng oUt @ 7:17 PM

* Saturday, October 13, 2007 *


bored while waiting fOr train~

dinner @ Changing Appetite

gUess those pretty gal's lEg




Jump the bridge


cheers everyone!

reacHlng oUt @ 2:02 PM

* Thursday, October 11, 2007 *

this whole week is a massive tireness for me~
and eve of hari raya~
im working dOuble shift again~

another way of earning $~
cos of the tons of things, bills etc to pay off~
and daddy is adding another big load on me~
im gotten scream soon~
sign, tat's the working life!!!

sign again~
body mechanism isn't gd~
since work start~
appetite has decrease alottt~
just dun feel like eating anything~

emo emo emo~
im sad~
3 yrs of my student name tag,i didn't lost it~
and now 3 mth of my staff name tag,I LOST IT~
i hate myself now!!!!

halz =(

p/s: RYAN on MEN'S HEALTH, grab ur copy now~
see,im so gd lah hor,ryan haa~

p/s: was so into ''channel 5'' songs recently perhaps becos of .....

reacHlng oUt @ 8:01 PM

* Saturday, October 06, 2007 *

im falling sick~
i just need plentiful of R E S T~
sometimes its not a bad thing to be sick~


jOln uS~
bE the S M I L E Ambassadors

reacHlng oUt @ 11:24 PM

* Friday, October 05, 2007 *

did i
am i
have i
fallen fOr u
i've nO answer~
sometimes i just dun believe in the word 'trust' & 'promlse'
its such a heavy load yet.....
times will tell!

reacHlng oUt @ 10:48 PM

* Wednesday, October 03, 2007 *

gasping for air~
crying out lOud~
drowning in my own tears~
dun ask me y~
cos i just want to be alone~

reacHlng oUt @ 8:40 PM