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* Sunday, September 28, 2008 *

Family BBQ + Chalet

oh,we just love camwOrE~

reacHlng oUt @ 11:31 AM

* Thursday, September 25, 2008 *

as hk typoOn 8 has just passed~
spore weather for today was blady hell H.O.T~
it was not giving out heat~
but blowing out F.I.R.E~

i dun deny i love the sun more~
but today's weather was buey tahan ar~
i was already seeing stars in the morning~

although im not really into F1~
but hee,i spot a cute ang mO F1 racer heee~
and here i go snapped ~

addition to that,becoz of the F1~
theatre has been quite free~
and free is free but kind of a lot of emergency suddenly~
and the emergency are bad,real bad~

and today finally im in open heart helping out~
i saw another another heart beating~
damn nice lah~
ok,i know im psychotic haaa~

i know i've saying a lot of times~
but i really miss Hk~
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hong kOng hong kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hong kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng jOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng Hong Kong
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng Kong
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng Kong
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng Hong Kong
hong kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng hOng kOng Hong kOng

reacHlng oUt @ 6:32 PM

* Monday, September 22, 2008 *

my brain have been pre-ocuppy with a lot of things~
so now i can only randomly blog just like anNe~

1) i've handed in my 2nd resignation letter,bad luck,kanna rejected again~
tell me how how how as this week soon-to-be boss is not in spore~

2) i've met my soon-to-be lady boss,sooOo nice~

3) i hate my OT colledges,feel so miserable working everyday but i've make 1 good friend,she's new working as perfusionist who is 1 year younger than me. Now she can understand how i feel working for the past 1 yr.

4) im going to be train in cardio side,damn it,always like tat,when i wanna learn,dun wanna teach,now i wanna go yet want me to learn...

5) its time tO search for anne's & kaijing gowns,oh gosh.i've 2 in minds,1 picture & 1 link,i like the dress in tat link a lot so palz plz let me know if u happened to shop & see them~


*this dress is my fav

6) i've not settle on KAIJING'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT YET,damn~

7) i miss hk,a lot a lot a lot~maybe any hospital in hk wanna employ me???

8) im loOking forward to the bbq this coming sat as its a family bbq *whEee*

9) I HATE COLD,i HATE AIR-CON,to simplify that's the reason why my roOm has no air-con,i still prefer 'FAN'~


11) oh ya,recently i've fall in love with salads,no idea why i just love to eat salads~treat me to salads and i will be damn happy for it~

12) i miss mambO,so when are we gOing mambO peePs~

13) i wanna go holiday next year,anywhere will do,someone plz bOOk me so i can make plans~

reacHlng oUt @ 7:27 PM

* Thursday, September 18, 2008 *

at that moment,i stare at this heart beating slowly right infront of me~
with the chest wall ripped opened~
i can sense the hell guards are somewhere ready to take this man away~

even defil has served no purpose anymore~
the surgeon's hand make his way into this man's chest wall~
squeezing his heart,hoping tO see some beating~

with his eyes half open~
i close and tape his eyes for him~

at that moment,i feel no sadness~
i just feel the pressure from the surgeon's shouting~

and how we all moved pt from the CCU into OT~
everyone was there to helped~

when all was done~
i stepped back and stared at the pt again with a ripping chest wall~
thinking will he make it through tonight?

how would i/you have felt if he happened to be someone close to me/you?

reacHlng oUt @ 9:02 PM

* Tuesday, September 16, 2008 *

sOme sUper belated bday pic with my crazy pOly mates

reacHlng oUt @ 9:24 PM

* Sunday, September 07, 2008 *

its gotten be a sUper long pOst~
sO bear with me as i'll keep it short & sweet~

before i leave for hk~
30 aUg - beloved sEc sch mates~

not forgetting the holga cam i got from them =)
thankz dEars~

31aug~ hK, wO lai le~
Day 1 & Day 2
finally i've reach hK~
and here's a view of my friend's anNe cOsy apartment~
*anNe,dun mind right*

and my mEssy rOom + view from the rOom ~
you can easily pEep intO ur neighbOur's apartmEnt~

the beautifUl night senery from the apartment's park~

Day 3 - Argyle SC / LangHam SC
*didn't tOOk much pic cos was bUsy lOoking for aGnes B cafe~
*sori anNe for making U walk under the BIG HOT sun for so long*
in the enD fOund,but tOo ex sO we skip it~

Day 4 - TST / Graville Street

Day 5 - Sun Yat Fai Lok tO mE~~~
thankz anNe & dEnnls for the mini lovely cake~
i lOve it =)

oh anNe bought a new girl~
see im lOving it & the mini sheEp~

on our way tO the peak~
and the 'X X' is dennls wOrking bUilding~

i've gOt my hand on the tram card & madam tussauds tic~
on our way uP~
can sense that anNe was pretty scare~

here wE gO in~

my most awesOme pic of all

bF for thE mOnth since lOusi was nOt there~

Day 5 - ElemEnts

Day 6 - hOme sWeet hOme~
Thankz fOr playing hOst for mE, Anne & Dennls
I've really enjOyed myself @ ur place & of cos in hK~
i love the cake & the prezzie from U guys,its big surprise =)
sure i'll cya in spore & hK again with ling & kJ heee~

reacHlng oUt @ 8:59 PM